Conversational Analytics (formerly Prompt-based analytics), within Freddy Insights empowers you to effortlessly analyse and engage with your data using simple, natural language prompts. With Prompt-based Analytics you can perform dynamic data analysis, delivering essential insights through user-friendly widgets. These insights remain constantly updated in real-time, ensuring you're equipped with the latest information. Thanks to Generative AI,which transforms complex data into engaging widgets, enabling us to spot trends, patterns, and outliers with ease. This, in turn, leads to smarter decision-making and more effective strategy formulation.

Currently analytics based Insights are generated at support level but anyone having access to Proactive Insights will be able to view all the insights.

Some of the benefits using Conversational analytics are as follows:

Simplified Data Analysis: Say goodbye to the complexities of navigating through intricate reports and filters. With prompt-based analytics, you can effortlessly analyse your data using plain, natural language prompts.

Real-time Updates: Your insights are no longer static. They are continually refreshed in real-time, ensuring that you are always working with the most current information. This real-time updating enhances your ability to make informed decisions.

User-Friendly Widgets: The insights derived from prompt-based analytics are presented in user-friendly widgets. This makes the data more accessible and easier to understand, even for those without extensive data analysis expertise.

Efficiency and Time Savings: By streamlining the data analysis process and automating dynamic data analysis, you save time and resources. You can focus on acting upon insights rather than spending hours sifting through reports.

How to enable or disable feature from Admin page?

  1. Go to the admin settings and locate the Chat settings.

  2. Scroll down to find the Freddy icon.

  3. Click on the Freddy icon to open the list of AI features available.

  4. Choose " Freddy Insights", under Insights section

  5. Toggle the switch to the right to enable it.

How to use Conversational Analytics?

Access Freddy: Begin by clicking on the Freddy icon located on the left side of your Freshchat account dashboard.


Select prompts: After clicking the Freddy icon, you'll be presented with a list of insights available for your account. Additionally, you'll find recommended prompts that you can use to analyze your data effectively.


Choose Prompts: Freddy offers a range of prompts to initiate data analysis within the conversational interface. Here are some examples:


"Show me total chat conversations for the last 30 days."

"Give me the average resolution time."

"Show me conversations count by month."

"Provide a trend for average response time."

"Show a bar chart of conversation trends for the last 30 days."

Enter Prompts: Input your chosen prompts into the conversational interface. Freddy will seamlessly process these prompts.


Data Presentation: Once Freddy has analyzed your input, it will present the data in various easy-to-understand formats, such as tables, bar graphs, and pie charts.


Optimize and Take Action: With the analyzed data at your disposal, admin can focus on optimizing critical issues within the customer service function. Freddy may also recommend suitable actions based on the insights gathered.


By following these steps, you can leverage Prompt-Based Analytics to efficiently analyze data, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions to enhance your customer service operations.




Important Note:

This feature is currently available in public beta for customers on Pro and Enterprise plan. Post beta, customers will need to purchase it as an addon to utilize this feature. 


*The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.