Integrate ShipBob with Freshchat to streamline your shipping management and enhance customer support. This integration allows you to access shipment information, cancel shipments, and provide your customers with real-time updates seamlessly.

In this article, we'll guide you through the installation and user flow of the ShipBob app. 

Installation Steps

To install this app, you must have a Freshchat account with admin privileges and an existing account with ShipBob. Follow these steps to install the ShipBob integration with Freshchat:

Step 1: Initiate OAuth Authentication

1. Log in to your Freshchat admin account.

2. Navigate to the Freshchat integration page.

3. Locate the ShipBob integration and click on the "Install" button.

4. This action will initiate the OAuth flow. Follow the prompts to authenticate your ShipBob account.

Step 2: Configure Cancellation Permissions

1. After authenticating, access the integration settings.

2. Set permissions to specify which agents are authorized to cancel shipments. This ensures that only the appropriate team members can cancel shipments.

Step 3: Obtain API Key (if required)

Depending on the integration's specific requirements, you may need to obtain the Freshchat domain and API key. Consult your development team for guidance on this step.

Using the ShipBob Integration

Now that you have successfully installed the ShipBob integration, here's how to use it within Freshchat:

Searching for Shipments

1. Open Freshchat and navigate to the integration panel.

2. Use the "Search" function to find shipments by entering the order ID. Note that you can have multiple shipments for the same order.

Viewing Shipping Details

Click on a shipment to access detailed information, including:

   - Order ID

   - Shipment ID (Clicking on this will take you to the ShipBob page)

   - Shipment Status

   - Tracking Number (with a hyperlink to the tracking URL)

   - Tracking History (if available)

   - Order Items and Quantity

   - Delivery Date (visible when the shipment is delivered)

   - Carrier Type

   - Customer Information (email and contact number)

Canceling Shipments

If you have the necessary permissions, you can cancel a shipment directly from the integration panel. Look for the "Cancel Shipment" option and follow the prompts.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly integrate ShipBob with Freshchat, enabling you to manage shipments, provide real-time tracking information to customers, and improve your support services.