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App Details

The Freshsuccess app for Freshdesk brings the rich account-level information stored in FD Customer Success Account 360 into Freshdesk for support agents. When agents navigate into a ticket detail page within Freshdesk, the app will display a wealth of important information such as:

  • Account health score

  • Stage of the customer lifecycle

  • Latest updates or meeting notes

  • MRR or ARR 

  • Renewal date

  • Join date

  • Key contacts

  • and much more

This additional information available to agents will allow agents to see the bigger picture, make more informed decisions, and ultimately drive faster and better resolutions to tickets. 

In addition to the ticket detail page, the Account 360 information will be available in the following Freshdesk pages:

  • Contact detail page

App Installation

In order to install the app in Freshdesk, you will need to obtain an app authentication code. 

To get the code, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Freshsuccess

  2. Using the left navigation bar, go to Settings > IT Administration

  3. Click on ‘App Configuration’

  4. Under System, make sure ‘Freshdesk’ is selected

  5. The app authentication code should be viewable. You can click on the ‘Copy’ button to copy the code to clipboard.

You are done with all steps within Freshsuccess for now

To finish installing the app, go back into Freshdesk and follow these steps:

  1. Login to Freshdesk as a user with Admin role

  2. Using the left navigation bar, go to Admin → Helpdesk Productivity → Apps → Get More Apps

  3. Search for Freshsuccess and select from the list

  4. You will be asked to enter the required information below:

    • For the domain, enter your Freshsuccess domain URL (ie. You do not input https:// or http://

    • For app authentication code, paste in the app authentication code from step 5 above

  5. Once both fields are filled, click on Update to complete the app installation process

App Configuration

To configure what is displayed within Freshdesk, you must go back into Freshsuccess. Using the left navigation bar, go to Settings > IT Administration. Then, click on ‘App Configuration’. 

The app experience can be configured by adding sections. There are 3 types of sections:

  1. Latest Status - shows a read-only version of the latest status notes field populated by CSM in Freshsuccess.

  2. Key Contacts - shows important internal and external contacts pertaining to the account such as: 

    • primary customer contact email and phone

    • the sales rep or account manager owning the account from the sales team

    • the CSM handling the account

  3. Custom - this is a fully configurable section where admins can map any account dimension, in any order, with configurable labels.

Once done customizing sections and fields, you can click on the Preview button, and select a specific account to view what support agents would see within Freshdesk.