Send customer event data from Segment to Freshsuccess. To learn more about Segment, please visit their website.


Segment events contain information about interactions users have with your product. These interactions can be tracked and logged in Freshsuccess. Each event contains information about the specific interaction. This includes: the time at which the interaction occurred, the module and feature associated with the action, and the account and user ID that performed the action.

In addition to tracking user actions, the integration with Segment can also be used to add information about new users and/or accounts, and update existing users and/or accounts.

Our Segment Integration API doc outlines Segment events, and the properties of those events that Freshsuccess requires to perform these tasks.

Modules and Features

Modules and features specify a hierarchy by which to categorize events. Modules may include multiple features; while features are mapped to individual clicks or events within a module. For example, a dashboard is typically a module, while the specific action of adding a widget to a dashboard is a feature.


Since Segment does not track the time a user spends within the product, Freshsuccess attempts to estimate the time spent within a module and time spent within a session. When we do not see a session ID (Segment anonymousId) for a period of 30 minutes, we 'timeout' the session and compute the time spent within that session. We perform similar calculations to determine the amount of time spent within a module.

Note: Our Freshsuccess JS event collector library tracks user idle time and provides much more accurate information regarding the time spent within sessions and modules.

Other Mappings

The Segment Integration API doc also outlines the preferred method for integrating Segment with Freshsuccess. We recognize that there are many ways to provide similar information. Thus, we built Freshsuccess' event collection layer to be flexible enough to support many different mappings. Please contact if your mappings are different to those outlined below.


Follow these steps to set up your Segment integration:

  1. In Freshsuccess, visit the IT Administration page to obtain your Freshsuccess API keys.
  2. Log into your Segment account.
  3. Search to find the Freshsuccess application.
  4. Turn on the Freshsuccess application and fill in the required Send Key (the Freshsuccess Event API Key) and Auth Key (the Freshsuccess Event Auth Key).
  5. Click "SAVE AND CLOSE".

As soon as the integration is enabled within Segment, Freshsuccess will start receiving your data. Notify once you enable the integration to verify that data is being received by Freshsuccess.