1. Log into Jira as an Admin

2. Go to settings in top right and select Product

3. Go to Application Links

4. Create a new link with url: www.freshsuccess.com

5. Check the Use this URL checkbox and Continue

6. Check Create incoming link checkbox and continue

7.  Fill in application information and then Continue

Enter consumer key:

Enter consumer name:

Enter public key (exactly as is, no spaces):

8. You are done, and should have a Freshsuccess application marked as Primary

9. Log in to Freshsuccess with Data access permissions

10. Go to Settings -> IT Administration on left side navbar

11. Go to Source Credentials

12. Add source type Jira, click Add source

13. Enter a name for the source, and enter your Atlassian domain name only

14. Click Authorize

15. Log into Jira if not already logged in

16. Click Allow when prompted to provide Freshsuccess permission to access Jira