The Segment Integration can be used with Freshchat to enhance customer engagement and support capabilities by leveraging customer data and segmentation. Analyze customer interaction data collected by Segment to gain insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. 

Getting Started

Before you start, make sure that you have admin rights in both Freshchat and Segment.

Step 1: Authenticate Segment

1. From your workspace's Sources catalog page, click Add Source.

2. Search for "Freshchat" in the Sources Catalog, select Freshchat, and click Add Source.

3. On the next screen, give the Source a nickname & configure any other settings. The nickname is used as a label in the Segment app, and Segment creates a related schema name in your warehouse. The nickname can be anything, but Segment recommends using something that reflects the source itself and distinguishes amongst your environments (eg. Freshchat_Prod, Freshchat_Staging, Freshchat_Dev).

4. Click Add Source to save your settings.

5. Copy the Write key from the Segment UI to use in Freshchat

Step 2: Authenticate Freshchat

Log in to your Freshchat account, navigate to Admin → Marketplace Apps → Segment Integration, and paste the key to connect.

Step 3: Select Freshchat events to send to Segment

1. Four events (mentioned in the next section) can be pushed to Segment. You will be able to choose the events that you want to send to Segment.

2. You can add/remove the events you want to send anytime after the app installation.


The table below lists events that Freshchat sends to Segment. These events appear as tables in your warehouse and as regular events in other Destinations. Freshchat includes userId where applicable.

Event NameDescription
onAgentActivityCreateWhen the general availability or Intelliassign status changes
onConversationCreateWhen a conversation is initiated by a user
onConversationUpdateWhen a conversation is:
→ Assigned to an agent or group
→ Existing conversation is reassigned to an agent
→ Conversation is resolved or opened
onMessageCreateWhen a message is posted, either by the agent or user

Adding Destinations

Now that your Source is set up, you can connect it with Destinations.

Log into your downstream tools and check to see that your events are populating and they contain all the properties you expect. If all your events and properties are not showing up, refer to the Destination docs for troubleshooting.