Keeping track of the time spent on each ticket helps you generate timesheets and invoice your clients. The Helpdesk Timesheet report gives you the time clocked split by Charge Type (Billable/Non-billable), Date,  Agent, Company, and Group - so you can understand where the working hours are going.

What you can do with this report: 

  • Filter your report using the custom dropdown fields.

  • Use the Export PDF option to have the report sent to your mailbox.

  • Edit the curated report to add widgets of your choice to tailor the report to your needs.

Ticket drill-down 

Click on any widget in the report for a detailed drill-down of tickets in the specified time period.

The 'Show Tabular Data' accordion will let you see the underlying raw data. It will bring up a list of tickets associated with the chosen widget. You can use the gear button to select the fields and properties you want to be added as columns to the table. The 'Ticket ID' column will give you the list of ticket IDs along with a link that will take you to the ticket.

For example, if you click on 'Show Tabular Data' under the 'Timesheet grouped by group' widget, you will be able to see the time clocked for tickets split by the various groups during the selected time period. If you see an abnormal spike for a specific group, you can determine what is causing it and take necessary actions.

Custom drill-down

Click on any data point in your graph, and a group-by drill-down will pop up. You can now dissect it by any dimension of your choice.

Note: We also integrate with Freshbooks and Harvest to make it easier for you to invoice your clients.