The chatbot overview report offers a comprehensive analysis of your bot's performance and insights into customer satisfaction scores for bot conversations. Use this report to evaluate the effectiveness of your bots, measure agent handovers and resolutions, and measure customer feedback. 


  • By default, the report displays data for the last 30 days. You can change the date range or apply other group by filters like bot name, version, or language. 

  • You can export the report to your mail or download the report as PDF.

  • As this is a curated report, you cannot edit the report or add new metrics/filters. However, you can clone the report and edit it accordingly.

To access the report:

  1. Go to Support Analytics and click Curated Reports from the left panel.

  2. Choose Chatbot Report from the list of curated reports.

The report is split into the following tabs, each consisting of data/widgets specific to bot performance and customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. 

  1. Volume Analysis
  2. CSAT

Volume Analysis

The tab gives you a summary of your bot performance, enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of your bots. The tab comprises the following key widgets:

  • Bot Performance Analysis: Provides a snapshot of the total number of bot conversations resolved and agent handovers done. Additionally, it offers details on the resolution percentage, handover percentage, and drop-off percentage. By examining these metrics, you can assess the efficiency of your bots and identify areas for improvement.
  • Bot Volume Performance Trends: Provides insights into the volume of bot interactions over time. This helps you identify patterns and fluctuations in bot resolutions and agent handovers and make informed decisions about your bot's performance.
  • Bot Resolution and Agent Handover Rate: Offers valuable information on the interaction between bots and agents. Analyze when and why customers are transferred to agents, and use the data to improve your support processes and streamline agent handovers. 
  • Performance Analysis Grouped by Bot: Provides a granular view of each bot's effectiveness and impact. By tracking the number of agent handovers and resolutions for each bot, you can identify underperforming bots and focus on improving their performance. This helps you refine the bots for maximum efficiency.
  • Dialog-Based Drop-Off Volume: Highlights instances where customers abandon a dialog within a bot conversation. Identify specific stages in the bot flow where customers tend to lose interest, get confused, or encounter difficulties. Use this data to refine your bot workflows and enhance overall conversational flow, eventually reducing drop-off rates and increasing customer satisfaction.


The CSAT tab offers comprehensive data on customer feedback, allowing you to understand customer satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement. The tab comprises the following key widgets:

  • Average Star Rating Trend: Provides insights into the star ratings given by customers over time and identify patterns and fluctuations in customer experiences with your bots. Use this to enhance your bot workflows, address pain points, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
  • Average Star Rating by Bots: Provides details on the average star rating given by customers for each bot. This helps you identify high and low-performing bots and assess the efficiency of your bots and workflows, enabling you to make targeted improvements.
  • Opinion Poll Feedback Trend: Lets you analyze customer opinion poll feedback trends. This helps you understand customer preferences and recognize common issues raised in the feedback. 
  • Opinion Poll Feedback by Bot: Provides information about the opinion poll feedback received for each individual bots. Use this data to evaluate how customers engage with each bot and make data-driven decisions to enhance their experiences.
  • Opinion Poll Percentage Segregation: Provides analysis on the percentage of distribution of opinion poll results, allowing you to identify any significant variations or imbalances.
  • Star Rating Percentage Segregation: Provides insights into the percentage distribution of star ratings, respectively, enabling you to identify any significant variations or imbalances.

List of attributes (metrics, filters, and group by)

Each widget in this report comprises metrics/attributes from different modules on Chat and Bot analytics. For example, the Bot Performance Analysis widget is created using metrics from the Conversations module. Check out this article to understand the definition of each metric.