When admins or agents build bots, one might accidentally delete a crucial component in the bot flow, such as a dialog, custom property, an API parameter, or even the whole flow. To solve this problem, the bot builder will validate deletions to prevent such accidental deletions.

Preventive validation is a crucial feature that helps ensure the stability and reliability of your bot. It works by preventing the deletion of components currently in use anywhere else in that bot. This means that if another part of the bot uses this particular component, it cannot be deleted or modified without removing its dependencies.

The list of components whose deletion will be prevented upon validation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Deleting, or marking a dialog as inactive
  • Deleting custom properties

  • Deleting APIs and API parameters

The validation dialog will show up, mentioning the different dialogs, conditions, API (payloads, URLs, or headers), properties, or integration actions that will be impacted if the specific component is deleted.

Note: If a quick action or an Integration API is being deleted, the bot builder will not validate and prevent the deletion.

If an admin or an agent attempts to delete any of these components, the bot builder will validate to determine if the selected component is currently in use. If it's being used elsewhere, the bot builder will list all the other components that require this specific component to be intact.

Preventive validation stops the accidental deletion or modification of critical components in your bot flow. This is critical when working with bots with multiple components, as it can be easy to accidentally delete or modify one essential to the bot's functionality. With preventive validation, you can minimize the risk of such errors.