While building and deploying bots, testing the bot using the preview module is essential. This tests whether the bot behaves as intended for deployment across all channels. Some feature functionality used to be locked behind an extra step – such as assigning it to a Topic or setting up custom properties (for locale or the user ID) – to preview all of the bot's configuration.

To improve the speed of publishing a bot that works as intended, admins can use the preview configuration module to simulate a channel-specific preview option and different deployment mechanisms and use both custom & default properties. Admins can evaluate how their bots function on multiple platforms.

Note: Preview configuration works on all channels where bots can be deployed: conversation, self-service, and third-party channels.


How to preview the bot configuration in the widget?

Note: The following section is applicable for both the conversation widget and the self-service widget.

  • After building out the bot, click on the preview button to start previewing the bot. You can converse with the bot to understand how your customers will experience your bot. 

  • You can also personalize the bot conversation to suit the specific customer's locale, and other default and custom properties. Here's how.

  • To use custom properties when you preview your bot configuration, navigate to Flows > Configure > Custom properties and check the use in JS box for the property. Learn more about custom properties.

  • Navigate to Settings > Preview Configuration:

  • Previewing a bot built for the conversation widget using the preview configuration is particularly useful as the end customers need not be exposed to the draft versions of the bot.

How to preview the bot configuration on messaging channels?

Note: Messaging channel refers to third-party channels, such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.

  • You can preview the bot experience for specific contacts using preview configuration. By default, the draft version of a published bot can be previewed on your messaging channels.
    • This means that all your customers will be experiencing the published version, while you can allow specific contacts to preview the latest changes in the draft version.

  • We recommend adding one of your team members as a contact and using their conversations to test the bot. Ask your team member to initiate a conversation on the respective messaging channel. This will enable you to add them as a contact to preview the bot configuration.

  • To add new contacts who will preview the latest version of the bot, navigate to Settings > Preview Configuration.

  • Add the contacts from the top-right button. These contacts will only preview the new configuration when they reach out via the specific messaging channel.

  • Now, your selected contacts can interact with your bot's latest (draft) version to gather feedback about how the bot is performing on specific messaging channels.

  • Previewing a bot built for specific messaging channels using the preview configuration is particularly useful as the end customers need not be exposed to the draft versions of the bot.

Note: While trying to set up the preview for an existing customer, the customer should have had a conversation in the same channel, to preview the bot conversation with this contact.