The helpdesk knowledge base report provides key insights into your knowledgebase articles and agent performance, enabling a continuous improvement of the content creation process.


  • The report will be visible only if you integrate Freshdesk and enable ticket and task creation.
  • By default, the report presents data from the last 30 days, but you can customize the date range or apply various group by filters like topic name or group name. 
  • You can export the report to your mail or download the report as PDF.
  • As this is a curated report, you cannot edit the report or add new metrics/filters. However, you can clone the report or create a custom report and add your preferred widgets/metrics.

To access the report:

  1. Go to Support Analytics and click Curated Reports from the left panel.
  2. Choose Helpdesk Knowledgebase Report from the list of curated reports.

Key Widgets

The report comprises several key widgets, each providing valuable insights into your knowledge base and agent performance:

Article performance summary

Provides a snapshot of your overall knowledge base performance, allowing you to track how your key article metrics have evolved over time. The included metrics are::

  • Article Views: The total number of article views and the percentage change in a specified time period.
  • Article suggested: The total number of article suggestions received and the percentage change in a specified time period.
  • Article likes: The total number of article likes and the percentage change in a specified time period.
  • Article Dislikes: The total number of article dislikes and the percentage change in a specified time period.
  • Feedback count: The total number of article feedback received and the percentage change in a specified time period.

Provides insights into the total hours spent on the knowledge base articles, distinguishing between billable and non-billable hours. This data can be valuable for understanding resource allocation and overall productivity.

Article performance grouped by contributors

Provides insights into the activities performed by agents on knowledge base articles, allowing you to monitor their productivity. You can access details about the number of articles each agent created, approved, and published, enabling a better understanding of their individual contributions.

Article performance summary by article name

Provides detailed performance for each knowledgebase article. You can assess the number of likes, dislikes, feedback, and views received for each article. With this information, you can quickly identify articles that require improvement and make relevant changes to enhance their quality and relevance.

List of attributes (metrics, filters, and group by)

Each widget in this report consists of metrics/attributes from different modules. Learn more about the ticketing metrics here.