Note: This feature is currenty in Beta. Please reach out to to try it out.

Businesses using the WhatsApp Business API can showcase and sell products and services. Customers can browse items and add them to a cart without leaving the chat using the Product Catalogue feature.



Creating a Catalogue

If your business doesn't have a Meta catalog, you can create and upload a new catalogue under the business ID of Freshworks.

  1. Navigate to > Business settings > Data sources > Catalogues.
  2. Click the Add dropdown and create a new catalogue.

  3. In the popup that opens, enter a Catalogue name for your reference.
  4. Select the type that best suits your business needs and click Create Catalogue.

  5. Open the newly created catalogue from the list in Commerce Manager.

  6. The Commerce Manager has the option to create items inside a catalogue. Click the Add Items button on the Overview page to add your items to the catalogue.
  7.  Items can be created manually or through a data feed. 
    • To use a partner platform like Shopify, navigate to Add channel. You'll b redirected to link your Shopify store and link it with your Facebook account. Follow the onscreen instructions to setup your Meta account in Shopify as per your requirements (such as what data you need to collect from your customers). You'll have to submit this to Shopify for approval before using the configured catalogue.

    • To manually add items, click Manual > New Item and fill in all the required fields. Make sure to add the Brand, a mandatory parameter for the item to be eligible for ads. 
  8. Once the items are added, you can click on the item and edit them.
  9. Please click here to learn more about adding catalogs in Meta Business Manager.

Sharing Catalogue Access

You need to share the Catalogue with Freshworks to make it available on WhatsApp via Freshchat. Your clients can grant permission for Freshworks to manage their existing Meta catalog with the following steps:

  1. Click on Assign Partner in the Business Settings Page
  2. Click on Assign Partner > Business ID.

  3. The "Share this catalogue with a partner" popup will show up.
    • Enter your Freshworks Meta Business ID in the field where you need to Enter partner business ID fields. 
    • If you don't have it handy, please write to with the subject line "Requesting Business ID for Catalogue Creation". 
      4. Click Done to share the catalogue with Freshworks.

Linking Catalogue with Your WABA

You need to link your Catalogue to your WABA (Whatsapp Business Account) to use it with your associated numbers. Please follow the below steps to link your catalogue with your WABA.

Note: The process of syncing your Meta catalogues with your WABA may take up to one hour depenmding on the complexity and volume of your catalogues.

  1. Navigate to your Whatsapp Manager via > Business Settings > Whatsapp > Settings > Whatsapp Manager. Navigate to the sidebar > Account tools > Catalogue option.
  2. Use the dropdown to select the catalogue name that you created. Click on Connect Catalogue.


  3. You will receive the following success message after the Catalogue connects with your WABA.

Here are some helpful links:

  • To know more about using Catalogues with your chatbot from Freshchat, click here. 

You can connect only one catalogue with your WABA at a time.
You can connect only one catalogue with your Freshchat account at a time.

If you are using an OBO account please write to to link your catalogue.