A WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) lets your business use the WhatsApp Business Platform to communicate directly with your customers. 

In this page you will find how you can manage phone numbers, view account insights and create message templates.

How to Access your WABA?

Go to business.facebook.com->Select the Business->Business Settings(Page Image below)->Accounts->Whatsapp accounts->Your WABA name will be displayed.

Now Click on Settings->Whatsapp Manager to open you WABA.

Accessing Account Tools

Click on the Account tools option (Image below) to access WABA features-Insights, Message Templates,Phone Numbers and Catalogue.


Users can view insights on conversation volume and cost incurred from this tab. Here you can select the range of dates to view details on free and paid conversations based on their categories.

Export Button: You can download the insights in a .csv format.

Message Templates

Whatsapp Message templates can be created from this section. Please click here to know more about creating message templates in your WABA.

Phone Numbers

Here you can view the numbers connected to the WABA.

Number Addition: Go to your Freshchat->Settings->Admin Settings->Channels-> Whatsapp-> Click on Add number.

Number Deletion: To delete numbers please contact our support team who will help you with the steps

Phone number Settings

1. Insights-You can view insights for individual numbers in the insights tab under Settings. Quality rating shows the quality of messages sent.( eg. Many users blocking messages from a number will reduce it quality rating)

2. Profile-Here you can change display pic and description for your number. Green tick can also be requested from this section.

3. Message Links-Create a shareable link for your number (Qr code/web link) in this section.Example below:

4. Two-step verification- Added security-is enabled by default. Please contact support for disabling 2FA for your account if required.

Please reach out to support@freshchat.com if you have more questions.