This feature helps assess the quality of a conversation between an agent and a customer after the resolution of an issue or query. It allows agent to view their quality score directly in the agent inbox. This visibility enables agents to track their performance and identify areas for improvement, leading to enhanced customer interactions and higher-quality resolutions.

Admins gain valuable insights through the new "Quality Score" report. This report provides metrics that help admins monitor agent performance and identify areas that require attention and implement targeted training programs for agents.

The quality score is calculated based on six different parameters that contribute to the evaluation:

  • Starting and ending of conversation: The effectiveness and professionalism demonstrated in initiating and concluding the conversation.

  • Timeliness of response: The speed and efficiency with which the agent responds to customer inquiries or issues, minimizing unnecessary delays.

  • Quality of response:  The level of detail, relevance, and helpfulness of the agent's response to the customer's query or concern.

  • Customer sentiment: The ability to gauge and maintain a positive or neutral tone at the end of the conversation, ensuring a respectful and empathetic customer experience.

  • Grammar of response: The correctness of grammar, language usage, and clarity in the agent's written or spoken response.

  • Non abusive / filler words: This evaluates the agent's language choices and their ability to communicate respectfully and professionally.


  1. Go to the admin settings and locate the Chat settings.

  2. Scroll down to find the Freddy icon.

  3. Click on the Freddy icon to open the list of AI features available.

  4. Choose the "Freddy Copilot" feature under "Copilot".

  5. Toggle the switch to the right to enable the feature. 


  1. After resolving a customer's query, the agent can access their performance by navigating to the third pane of the agent inbox. 

  2. In the third pane, agents will be able to view their quality insights. These insights provide an overview of how the conversation went overall, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement.

  3. The quality insights also include recommendations on how to enhance the agent's performance. These recommendations provide valuable guidance for agents to refine their skills and deliver even better customer service.

  4. Additionally, the agents will see the category in which the conversation falls. It could be categorized as Good, Bad, or Neutral, based on the evaluation of the conversation's quality.

To access and review the report, admins can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the "Report" section in freshchat

  • Look for the "Chat Analytics" category and select the "Quality Score Report."

Note: Freddy could take couple of minutes to generate the Quality Score for the agents and the report.

Admins have the flexibility in viewing the reports based on their requirements. They can choose to view reports  weekly or monthly depending on the desired level of granularity.

 The report provides the option to view scores at both the group level (overall performance) and the agent level (individual performance). Additionally, admins can observe the quality score trend, which indicates the overall performance trajectory over time.  They can also view the quality score breakdown by agents, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of individual agent performance.


This feature is currently available as an add-on for Freddy Copilot. Interested customers on Pro and Enterprise plans can reach out to their account managers or navigate to their respective billings pages to purchase the add-on.

*The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.