Enhance your customer support experience by integrating the Smile.io Loyalty app into your Freshchat inbox. This app provides agents with valuable customer loyalty information directly within the Freshchat interface, empowering them to make more informed decisions while assisting customers. In this article, we'll guide you through the installation and user flow of the Smile.io loyalty integration.

Follow these simple steps to install the Smile.io loyalty app in your Freshchat inbox:

  1. Navigate to the Freshchat marketplace and search for the Smile.io loyalty app.

  2. Click "Install" to add the app to your Freshchat account.

  3. In the app settings, enter your smile.io Private API key.

  4. Enter your store URL.

  5. Click "Authenticate Account and Save" to complete the installation.

Using the smile.io Loyalty App
After successfully installing the app, follow these steps to access and use the Smile.io Loyalty widget in the Freshchat inbox:

  1. Open a conversation with a customer in the Freshchat inbox.

  2. Locate the Smile.io Loyalty widget on the right-hand side of the inbox view. 

  3. In the widget, you'll see the following customer details: 

    1. Customer Name: Clicking on the link takes the agent to the Smile.io Loyalty customer page. 

    2. Enrollment Status & Loyalty Tier: View the customers' Smile.io loyalty program enrollment status and their current loyalty tier.

    3. Points Balance & Rewards: View the customer's points balance, a list of approved and spent points, and their earned rewards. 

  4. To add or remove points for the customer, click the “Add points” or “Remove points” buttons, Input the desired points adjustment, and click "Save."

By integrating the Smile.io Loyalty app into your Freshchat inbox, you can provide more personalized and efficient support to your customers. Agents will have easy access to crucial customer loyalty information, allowing them to better understand and address their needs.