Manage subscriptions with ease by integrating Freshchat with the Recharge app. With the Recharge app, agents can have all the information they need at their fingertips such as customers' past and current subscription details, as well as the latest orders placed through the subscription. With just one click, agents can activate and cancel subscriptions for customers in Freshchat, thus increasing their productivity and improving the overall customer experience.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to install the app

  2. How to use the Recharge app

  3. How to cancel subscriptions

  4. How to re-activate subscriptions

How to install the Recharge app

  1. Login to Freshchat as an administrator

  2. Go to Admin settings > Marketplace for Chat > Search for 'Recharge' > Click on Install

  1. Enter the Recharge API key. Please refer to this article to find your Recharge API key here (Permissions for API token)

  2. Enter your Freshchat API key. Please refer to this article to find your Freshchat API key

  3. Click on Authenticate

  4. Once Authenticated, you can select which agents can Cancel & Re-activate the subscription.

(Note: If you want no agent to cancel/re-activate the subscriptions, select the specific agents option and select no agent from the dropdown)

  1. Add the reasons for the cancellation of subscriptions through the integration. 

Note: It is recommended to keep these reasons the same as you have in the Recharge merchant portal

  1. Click on install

How to use the Recharge app

  1. You can see the Recharge app widget on the right, next to the conversation

  2. View a list of all the active and canceled/expired subscriptions by clicking on view all option

  1. Click on the subscription to view more details such as 

  1. Subscription id

  2. Subscription created date

  3. Product info such as product name, SKU, order quantity, order frequency, and next order date

  4. Status of the previous order made through the subscription

How to cancel subscriptions

  1. Click on the cancel button for a subscription from the list of active subscriptions. You can also find an option to cancel when you click on an active subscription to view more information

  2. Choose a reason to cancel a subscription and add a comment to the cancellation if required in the text field.

  3. Tick the checkbox ‘send cancellation email to customer’ if you want to mail the customer about subscription cancellation. 

  4. Click cancel subscription

How to re-activate subscriptions

  1. Click on the re-activate button for a subscription from the list of canceled subscriptions. You can also find an option to re-activate when you click on any cancelled/expired subscription

  2. Click on the Reactivate button from the confirmation dialoge box