Enhance your customer service experience by integrating Delighted, a dynamic survey tool, into your Freshchat platform. This integration enables chat agents to survey customers right from the chat interface and view previous survey responses. This article provides a step-by-step guide on installing and using the Delighted integration with Freshchat. 


To install the Delighted integration in your Freshchat platform:

1. Go to the Freshchat marketplace and search for the Delighted integration. 

2. Click "Install" to add the integration to your Freshchat account.

3. Enter your Delighted API key in the settings. You can find this key by navigating to your Delighted account → Account Settings → API.

4. Click “Authenticate” & then click “Install”.

Using the Delighted Integration:

After successfully installing the integration, follow these steps to send surveys and view survey responses within the Freshchat interface:

1. Open a conversation with a customer in the Freshchat inbox.

2. Locate the Delighted widget on the right-hand side of the inbox view.

3. If there are multiple Delighted surveys configured in the settings, click on the survey you want to send. If only one survey is configured, it can be directly sent in the chat. 

4. To send the survey, simply click the 'Send Survey' button. This action triggers an automated message to the customer with the survey link.

5. The Delighted widget also shows a list of previous survey responses from the customer. By default, the 2 latest responses are shown, but you can view up to the last 2 years of responses.

6. For each survey response, you'll see the following details: 

    a. Survey Title

    b. Score (e.g., 3 /10)

    c. Comment

    d. Updated at 

The survey responses also contain the customer's and agent's email and name, as well as the chat URL.

The Delighted integration with Freshchat enables a more efficient and personalized support experience for your customers. Agents can now send surveys seamlessly and have easy access to crucial customer feedback, which will help them better understand and serve their needs.