The Viber for Freshchat app lets your customer service agents engage your customers via Viber. This article elaborates on functionalities that are supported and getting started in your journey integrating Telegram with Freshchat. 


The following are necessary to get started with the Viber for Freshchat app:

  • An Infobip account. You may create an Infobip account if you don't have one from here. 

  • An Infobip API key to enable communication between Freshchat and Infobip.

  • An oAuth token from Freshworks.

  • A dedicated Viber sender. In case you do not have one, you may request it from here


The table below provides an overview of all the supported message types, automation, structured message formats, message events and consumer profiles: 

Message TypesTextIncomingYes
AutomationBotsBot to userNo
Structured MessagesArticlesBot to userNo
CarouselBot to userNo
ButtonsBot to userNo
Dropdown ListBot to userNo
Message EventsDeliveredIncomingNo
Consumer ProfileUser Name


How to create an API key

  • Login to the Infobip portal with your account credentials.

  • Click on Manage API Keys.

  • Click on the New API Key button.

  • Give the new key a descriptive name and followed by the below steps:
    -> Specify an expiration date
    -> List the IP addresses allowed to use the key
    -> Check the Public API check box

  • Click on Submit.

The page refreshes and displays your new key at the top of the list of any other keys that are associated with your account. Click "Copy" to copy the key to your clipboard.


To install the app, go to the Freshworks marketplace and look for "Infobip Viber for Support". After you install the app, you will see the following screen:

Step 1: Enter the necessary data

The following data are necessary to complete this step:

  • Freshchat API key - Allows the Viber app to communicate with Freshchat.

  • Infobip API key - Provides access to the Infobip platform used to send messages via Viber.

  • Freshchat Domain - URL of the instance where the integration will be active.

After completing all of the fields, click Next.

Step 2: Choose a Viber number

When the Infobip API Key is correctly entered in the previous screen, you will see a dropdown menu containing all your purchased dedicated Viber numbers. From here, you can select the number you would like to use for this integration.

Select a number, and then click Next.

Step 3: Success

Once all the steps are complete, click Save.

Contact Infobip Support to configure the webhook for the Viber sender. Once configuration is complete, you may start using the integration.

How to Use the App

To get started, go to your Freshdesk inbox. You will notice that there is no Infobip Viber window in the left navigation bar. This is because the app is embedded natively in agent conversations. Before starting any conversation, you need to complete the following additional steps for setting up a topic: 

  1. Go to Admin Settings->Chat Settings->Topics
  2. Click "Add Topic" in the top right corner.
  3. Go to Advanced Settings. 
  4. Set the topic as "Public" and add the "Tag"- Default. 
  5. Click Publish. 

However, to use an existing topics for Viber messaging, you only need to add the tag "Default" in the settings for that topic.

When receiving or sending a message, the agent will see a Custom User Property corresponding to the user's Viber ID indicating that the users have Viber enabled and are capable of sending and receiving messages via Viber.

Receiving a Message

Agents can receive Viber messages that contain both text and images. Agents will be able to distinguish messages from an existing/recognised customer from a new customer. If a customer whose data is stored in the "People" section sends a message, the agent will see a new conversation in their Inbox as usual with the Viber channel identification.  However, if the customer's information is not available in the "People" section, a new "Unknown user" is created and a new conversation is attached to the user. The agent would then need to manually add the correct data to the customer's profile. 


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