As the number of conversations keeps on increasing in an email thread, the earlier conversations that are older than the last five conversations/emails will be left out, and the most recent five conversations will be shown only while replying to an email. While customers can refer back to the original email thread to access all the emails, this is not always feasible, especially when the original email is not included in subsequent replies and a new email chain is created. 

As a result, emails can be scattered across multiple threads, making it difficult to centralise them in a single chain. Having all emails included in the quoted text can help address this issue. Instead of quoting only the last 5 email interactions, customers will be able to view all email conversations in the quoted text. This feature will enable customers to refer to the entire conversation that occurred in the email exchange.

The benefits of using quoted text in email include:

Easy to read: By including the quoted text, the agent can easily distinguish between the original message and the new message which helps it easier for the agent to follow the conversation.
Saves time: Quoting the previous message can save time for agents as they don't have to scroll through long messages to find the relevant information speeding up the communication process
Provides context: It provides context for the new message being added, which can be particularly useful in longer email chains ensuring the agents follow the message easily.

Quoted text view in the inbox:

The quoted text is indicated by three dots to distinguish it from the new text being added by the agent drafting the message. This allows the agents and the receiver to follow the conversation more easily and understand the specific points being addressed. Quoting text gives context and ensures everyone is on the same page about what has been previously discussed.

Once clicked on the quoted text, the earlier conversations will open up