Threads allow agents to have focused discussions on customer queries without cluttering the conversation pane. Threads streamline conversations in a chat-like experience for agents to collaborate, coordinate and communicate efficiently. It also help agents in organising and streamlining conversations. Additionally, threads can help ensure that important information or details don't get lost in a larger conversation thread, making it easier to find and reference later on.

With Private Threads, you can initiate threads in the private notes that relate to specific topics or issues. These conversations are contained within the main conversation and can be accessed easily for reference or further discussion. 

You can use ‘@’ followed by the agent email ID to tag specific Freshchat agents to create private threads. 

Please note that a conversation can have only one private thread

How to enable Private threads in Freshchat?

Private threads are enabled by default for all new and existing customers.

Creating Threads in Private Notes and the process outlined:

  1. To create a thread, navigate to the private notes section in the "Reply editor".
  2. In the private notes section, type "@" followed by the email ID of the agent you want to mention.

3. A list of agents will appear, select the desired agent from the list.

4. Type the message you want to send in the private thread.

5. Click on the send button or hit enter to send the message.

6. The private thread will be created within the private notes section and will be visible only to the mentioned agents.

7. Once the thread is created, it will also show up in the list view as well.

8. The mentioned agents receive a notification about the private thread in both their FC inbox and email.

9. Upon clicking the notification, they are directed straight to the thread.

10. The agents then resolve the issue and reply to the private thread.

11. Back in the main conversation, the agent would be able to see a "red dot" indicator on the anchor message, signalling that there is a new reply in the thread. The private note will display "view replies".


If no agent is mentioned in a private note, it will not create a thread directly. Instead, the agents can hover over the message to "Reply to the note" which will create a thread.


Roles and Permissions - 

  • Any agent having access to the conversation can create a private thread or reply to an existing one

Using Search bar for threads

  • The Spotlight search feature should encompass private thread messages and enable agents to open the specific thread when clicking on it.