Support teams need to handle different types of queries coming in from customers. Some queries are quick & transactional, whereas others are long-running issues that require multiple teams to collaborate and resolve. When many teams are involved, there is a need to share responsibility & ensure accountability from everyone involved to resolve customer issues on time. Also, along with collaboration, there is a need to ensure that all stakeholders have as much context as possible, in one place. 

With Task management, agents can assign tasks to specific team members, track their progress, and ensure that they are completed within the designated time frame. This helps agents stay organized and ensures that all necessary steps are taken to resolve the customer's query effectively. Additionally, Task management allows for seamless collaboration between team members, which helps streamline the overall customer support process.

Task Management helps in:

  • Accountability:  The internal tasks are assigned to specific agents who are accountable to complete the work within the stipulated time. 

  • Modularisation: All messages for internal collaboration are separated from the customer conversation, which then gets decluttered.

  • Complete customer context: All conversations with a customer and the associated internal tasks will be visible in one view (customer pivot)

  • Seamless collaboration: Agents who require prompt responses to customer queries can work together with their internal teams on various issues without switching products by seamlessly collaborating from a single inbox. For instance, Freshchat and Freshdesk agents work in tandem, using the same inbox to efficiently resolve customer concerns.

What is a task?

Tasks enable teams and Agents to collaborate in order to resolve a customer's query.

It allows agents to assign tasks to specific team members, track their progress, and ensure that they are completed within the deadlines. Tasks also allow agents to incorporate conversational properties while setting up to give context to the internal agent.

Tasks have a separate set of properties that will need to be configured. Learn more about creating custom properties for task here

Connect your Freshchat and Freshdesk account for Task management

For information on how to sign up, onboard, and set up an account for administrators who want task management, click here.

Creating an internal task with process of agents collaboration outlined

1. To create an internal task, navigate to the conversation card in the inbox and click on the three dots. A dropdown menu will appear.

2. From the dropdown menu, choose the "Create an internal task" option. This will bring up a form where you can provide the necessary details to create the task. The form will include fields for the task's subject, description, conversation status, priority level, group, and the name of the agent who will be assigned to it. The fields shown here will be configured by the admin while setting up the integration. So if they want a simple task management experience, they can just set up a subject, description & group/agent. If they want advanced details, Admins can configure more fields. 

3. Once the task is created, it gets assigned to an agent and notified as well. The assigned agent is able to see all the conversations (if they have the privilege) between the assignee agent and the customer in Freshchat. 

If the agents do not have the privilege they will see a transcript of the conversation on the task 

The agent assigned to the task can see a new view on the left pane - "My unresolved tasks" and "My unresolved tasks & conversations" They can click on the card on the left pane and open the task in the customer switch.

4. The frontline agent and the assigned agent can converse and collaborate in the private notes to solve the query.


5. The agents working on the tasks can update the front line agents by dropping a message on the task or by adding a note in the customer conversation or by resolving the task. The admins can set up automation rules in Freshdesk. Once the task gets resolved, the customer conversation will get reopened and the agent will get notified

6. The frontline agent will be able to see the task that has been resolved. 

7. The L1 agent then sends out a confirmation message to the customer and resolves the conversation.

Resolving a Freshchat Conversation and Creating Tickets on Freshdesk 

You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshdesk. You can also share FAQs from Freshdesk in your conversations. To do this, you must have integrated Freshchat with Freshdesk. Click here to learn how your agents can create tickets in Freshdesk from Freshchat.

Managing Freshchat tasks, in Freshdesk

Learn how to manage Freshchat tasks in Freshdesk effortlessly. Get acquainted with the essential steps required to effectively manage Freshchat tasks within Freshdesk.    

Complete Support on the Freshchat and Freshdesk Mobile app on tickets 

Agents will be able to create a ticket from the Freshchat app on clicking the 3-dot menu

Created tickets from the web will not be visible inside the conversation or in the chat inbox in mobile app