Auto-complete provides real-time suggestions for responses during live chats, utilizing your conversation history with all customers to generate recommendations. By using this feature, agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously and expedite resolutions. The 'Gmail-like' auto-complete suggestion feature finishes sentences for agents as they begin typing.

Why use Auto-complete?

1. It enable agents to respond more quickly to customer inquiries by suggesting relevant responses in real-time.

2. Agents can get suggestions to responses in real time which are  consistent and standardised responses, which can improve the overall quality of customer support.

3. By suggesting appropriate responses, auto-complete can help agents to avoid errors and typos, leading to more accurate and effective communication.

How to use Auto-complete

When agents start typing a response, Auto-complete shows them in-line message completion suggestions. 

How to turn Auto-complete suggestions on/off?

All suggestions are turned on by default. Customers will need to raise a support request to disable the feature from the backend.

Important Note:

Auto-complete is currently available on beta for customers on Pro and Enterprise plan. Post beta you can purchase this feature as an addon for Freshchat.

*The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.