As an Admin, one of their responsibilities include creating enough articles to cover the vast range of questions that customers may have. This leads to the creation of dozens of content, such as FAQs and solution articles. These materials are essential for addressing customer queries and concerns, but the process of creating them can be time-consuming and overwhelming. It can be a daunting task to write dozens of articles, each containing detailed information that addresses specific customer needs. This often leads to gaps in coverage where certain issues are not addressed, which can be frustrating for both customers and agents.

With Solution Article Generator, admins can now generate an entire article by giving merely an outline or phrase or summary as an input. Admin can review and publish the article in just a few minutes, saving hours of their time and effort.

This not only speeds up the content creation process, but also encourages admins to produce more and high quality content.

Why use Article Generator?

1. Enables admin to create articles quickly and easily by providing a small summary as input.

2. Generates standardised articles with proper formatting, language, and structure, ensuring consistency across all articles.

3. Saves a significant amount of time in creating and publishing solution articles, freeing up time for other tasks.

4. Increases efficiency in knowledge management and sharing, as more articles can be created and published in less time.

Steps to create an FAQ using the Article Generator

1. Navigate to the Admin Settings section, and click on the FAQ tab.

2. Click "Add FAQ" and select the preferred language for the FAQ article

3. A new window will appear to generate the article. Enter a title and some details or a short in the editor box.

4. Add relevant tags to help admins filter the FAQs for app users.

5. Choose the platform where the article will be accessed

6. Click on the "Solution Article Generator" icon to automatically generate the FAQ article

7. Review the article.

8. You can choose to either accept or reject based on your satisfaction with the content

7. If you are happy with the article, you can accept it and publish.

8. If not, you can reject it and make any necessary changes before publishing it.

Important Note:

Article Generator is currently a public BETA feature. If you're keen on using this feature, you can request. To do so, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.