Setting up the integration on Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom Marketplace account using your Admin credentials.
  2. Click on Develop > Build App.

  3. Click on the Create button in the OAuth section, as shown in the below screenshot.

  4. The below pop-up will open:

    • Enter an App Name for your reference. This will reflect wherever you use the Zoom app in Freshchat.

    • Select User-managed app.

    • Disable the "Would you like to publish this app on Zoom App Marketplace?" toggle.

    • Click Create

  5. After you click on the Create button in the above screen, it will redirect to another page. Here you can see the zoom Client ID and Client secret.

    Enter in the Redirect URL for OAuth and Add Allow Lists fields as shown in the below screenshot.

  6. Click the Continue button, and you will see the below screen:

  7. Click the Add Scopes button and select “View your meetings” and “View and manage your meetings”:

  8. After “Activation”, again go back to the App Credentials screen and get the Client ID and Client secret

Setting up the integration on Freshchat

  1. Login to Freshchat and navigate to Admin > Marketplace apps for Chat > Zoom > Install.
  2. Enter the client ID and Secret from Zoom app in Freshchat > Authorize button or Reauthorize button.
  3. After successful authorization, the App will be installed.

  4. Once you have installed the Zoom app, you can find it in the sidebar on the Team Inbox page. For the first time, each agent must click the ”Authorize” button.

  5. Once you click the Authorize button, a new pop-up will open, requiring the agent to log in to their Zoom account.

  6. Once you login to the zoom account, refresh the whole page, and open the APP, you will see the below screen.
  7. Click on the “New Meeting” to generate an instant Zoom meeting, and the same link will be added in the “Editor” section.
  8. You can click “Schedule a meeting” to schedule a meeting for a later time.