This article provides details on the options/features available on the Freshcaller phone widget during an ongoing call. For instructions on making or receiving calls, see Making and Receiving Calls in Freshcaller.

When you make or receive a call, you will see the following options on the widget:

The various options/features available are:

  1. Contact Details: View the customer's name and phone number. You can click on the customer's name to go to the Contacts page.
  2. Hold: Use this to place your caller on hold.
  3. Mute: Click to mute yourself.
  4. Pause/Resume Recording: Click to pause/resume the call recording. By default, all calls are recorded in Freshcaller. However, you can change the call recording option under Number Properties.
  5. Call actions: Click this icon to perform various call actions like warm and cold transfers, conference calls, and parallel calls to another agent. 
  6. Other call actions: Click on the three dots to view additional options:
    • Push to queue: Use this to transfer your call to another queue or IVR. (
    • Voicemail Drop: Send pre-recorded voicemail messages to the customers if an outgoing call you make goes unanswered.
      Note: This option is visible only when you make an outgoing call.
    • Dialpad: Use this to enter the phone number on number pad.
    • Add notes: Use this to add a detailed call summary.
Note: The availability of few options are based on your subscription plan. Check the corresponding linked article to know the applicable plans.