The  Freshcaller mobile app allows you to transfer calls to another active/online agent in your account. 

Call transfers are useful when you think that another team member has better expertise to resolve a customer's query, or sometimes, customers may want to talk to a specific agent. This helps deliver faster resolutions to the customer without making them go around in circles or hold the line for too long.

You can initiate the following types of transfers

  • Warm Transfer
    A warm transfer allows you to have a brief conversation with another agent in your team before transferring the call to the customer. You can provide all the necessary details about the customer's query to another agent so that the customer does not have to repeat their question.
  • Cold Transfer
    Unlike a warm transfer, this option directly transfers the call to the second agent you selected. The second agent can choose to accept or reject the call.

To initiate a warm or cold transfer:

  1. Tap on the Transfer option on the ongoing call screen.
  2. Select the transfer type you want to initiate. The options are:
    • Warm transfer 
    • Cold Transfer
  3. Select the agent to transfer the call. You can also use the search box to look for an agent.
  4. The call transfer will be initiated to the agent selected.
    Note: Customers will be put on hold until the second agent attends the call.
  5. If the second agent attends the call, the call continues with the second agent and the customer. Note that the second agent now becomes the primary agent.