The My Performance Dashboard provides a quick summary of an agent's inbound and outbound call activity. As an agent, you can use this dashboard as a self-evaluation tool and view your performance for the current day and month.

The dashboard provides visibility into the number of calls you attended on a daily/monthly basis. It helps you quickly identify the gaps and shortcomings and thereby find measures to improve your productivity and performance.

If you want to see the detailed call metrics and analytics, check out the Call Metrics section.

To view the Agent Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your account as an agent.
  2. Click Phone dashboard and switch to My Performance dashboard.
    By default, the dashboard gives you the details for the current day. To see the details for this month, click on Today on the top left corner and select This Month.
  3. The report gives you the following details for both Inbound and Outbound calls:
    1. Incoming Calls: The total number of incoming calls you attended today/this month.
    2. Outgoing Calls: The total number of outgoing calls you made today/this month.
    3. Answered Calls: The total number of inbound/outbound calls you answered today/this month.
    4. Missed Calls: The total number of inbound/outbound calls you missed today/this month.
    5. Transferred Calls: The total number of inbound/outbound calls you transferred (warm transfer, cold transfer, conference calls) to other agents.
  4. My recent calls: Gives you the basic details of all your recent calls. The details include: 
    • Customer: The customer/team/company who attended the call.
    • Assigned To: The agent name who attended the call (which always gives your name).
      You can also view the call notes you added.
    • Recording: The recording of the call conversation.
    • Call Time: The timestamp of the call.

Managing your to-do list

The To-do list lets you organize and keep track of your daily tasks. You can add your activities and can mark off or delete the tasks from the list once you complete them. 

  1. In the Agent dashboard, under To Do, type your to-do list and hit enter.