In some situations, a bot may face an error, such as when an API fails, or a function is incorrectly executed because of an improper input. These errors usually arise at a dialog level. Admins must quickly identify where the error appears to identify, troubleshoot, and fix the issue to offer a customer service experience free of technical issues and glitches.


Bot error dashboards are helpful for Admins as they are a reliable, accessible, and foolproof way to assess the quality of their bot flows and improve efficiency.

  • You can discover your bot error dashboard for a specific bot by navigating to Bots > selecting that bot > Analyze > Bot errors.

  • The bot error dashboard will list all the recent bot errors in real-time. These will be classified by flow name, dialog, number of bot errors, error type, and the last known occurrence of the same bot error.

  • The bot error dashboard can list four different types of bot errors:
    • Condition evaluation errors: When there is an error in how the conditions are configured
    • API related errors: When there are any errors in API configuration or execution
    • Function execution errors: When the function is misconfigured or fails because of an improper input
    • Configuration errors: When the bot flows are improperly configured or the dialogs cause a recursive activity.
  • The bot error dashboard is generated for each bot, not at an account level — making it easier for Admins to troubleshoot bot errors efficiently.

  • You can also filter out the bot errors by 
    • Time: Filter to look only at errors from the current hour, last 6 hours, last 24 hours, last week, and custom timeframe.
      • The custom timeframe can filter out bot errors within seven consecutive days within the last 30 days.
    • Dialog: Filter to show bot errors from one specific dialog.
    • Error type: Filter to look at only one type of errors