Contacts and accounts can be imported together from the Contacts module.

Here are a few things you'd need to know before you begin importing 

  1. Preparing your CSV/XLSX file

Ensure that the CSV/XLSX file has the necessary columns for the contacts and accounts-related data. 

You must also create the custom fields in Freshsales before you successfully begin the import to map your columns with the custom fields.

Further, the file size should be at most 5 MB. 

  1. Mapping the fields

    1. Verify the mapping of the mandatory account fields. All mandatory account fields need to be mapped to a corresponding CRM field. If you have missed any, you will encounter the below error:


  2. Associate contacts with existing accounts - Follow the same steps as above. When the "Account name" in the file matches an existing account in the CRM, the contact will be associated with that account.

  3. After you’re done mapping the fields, click Import.