Customer experience is all that matters. To close the loop on our ‘one inbox for all channels’ approach, we are now bringing in support for emails in the chat inbox. Let customers choose their favorite apps to reach out to you for support. You can handle all of these conversations - even emails, right within the Freshchat inbox. Configure your support email addresses and bring emails right into Freshchat. 

The Admin experience

One central place to configure and maintain all your channels. As Admins, you can configure multiple support inbox addresses per business needs. 

Here’s how you can set it up

  • Log in to your Freshchat account as an administrator.

  • Go to Admin Settings > Channels > Support Email > Add new email.

  • Give it a name, and add your support email address.

  • Once you enter the support email, Click on proceed to generate the forwarding email. This email is invisible to your customers. 

  • You now need to set up forwarding so Freshchat can start capturing emails sent to this address as conversations.

  • You can assign all conversations coming to this support email to any one of your groups, using the 'Assign to group' dropdown. This will be helpful when you later set up multiple mailboxes.

  • You can also verify this email using our domain verification feature. Only verified emails can be used to send outgoing emails. If there is no verified support email, agent's can either use their own verified email or default freshworks support email address.

  • Once this is done, you’re all set, and emails sent to this support email address will also start coming into your Freshchat inbox

Similarly, you can also configure as many support email addresses as you have. And update or delete any/all of the support mailboxes configured at any time.

The Agent experience

One central place to access all customer conversations across channels - and resolve them in real-time. Your agents will not need to switch tabs to stay on top of customer questions coming in through various channels. They can access all customer interactions, irrespective of the channel, and have truly personalized conversations.

Here’s how they can handle emails in Freshchat

  • All emails coming in will be identifiable with an ‘Email’ source tag added in the left pane of the inbox page

  • The middle pane will have the conversation - precisely in the form of an email

  • Agents can use the reply editor to craft their responses to the customers’ emails

  • The reply editor offers agents the complete capabilities of any email response editor - agents can add CC, BCC, format their response, add emojis and images, add canned responses and FAQs, and even attach files

  • Their response will go out as an email response to the customer - agents will also be able to check the status of their response delivery once it’s sent

Set up your support mailbox in Freshchat, bring emails into the inbox and empower agents to have personalized conversations with customers across multiple channels, effortlessly.