Your team is going above and beyond to prioritize customer experience and to meet and exceed customer expectations. With customer expectations at an all-time high, agents need to stay on top of things to provide a seamless support experience. Today, people simply reach out through their favorite apps for help. While we support all of these fantastic apps, visitors also have the freedom to continue their conversations at their convenience on any of these apps. A conversation started through SMS can continue on WhatsApp and be resolved via Email. This flexibility is now becoming essential to delight your customers every single time.

For this to happen seamlessly, agents must have full context when customers reach out via multiple channels for the same/different issue.

With Conversation Switch, agents get a faster and one-scroll interaction to view historical conversations of the same contact in the same pane without leaving the Freshchat Inbox.

Your team can provide personalized support with a rich customer 360 view that includes every customer interaction - including historical conversations, on a single page.