What is Smart Reply?

Smart Reply offers real-time response suggestions on live chat. It uses Machine Learning to offer recommendations based on your conversation history with all your customers. This allows agents to speed up resolutions while handling more chats concurrently. Its ‘Auto-complete’ feature finishes sentences for agents as they start typing with a ‘Gmail-like’ auto-complete suggestion.

Which accounts can access Smart Reply's BETA version?

Smart Reply is currently a BETA feature available to a limited number of customers. If your account meets the requirements below, you can request access to the feature before its launch. To do so, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

a. Supported plans: 

  • Freshchat: Enterprise (new plan), Forest (old plan)
  • Freshdesk Omnichannel: Enterprise (new plan), Forest (old plan)

b. Historical chat volume: Since this is an ML feature,  it's only available to customers with more than 30k historical chat logs in the past 2 years.

c. Supported languages: English

How to use Auto-complete

When agents start typing a response, Auto-complete shows them in-line message completion suggestions. 

Agents can press either the ‘Tab’ or the ‘right arrow’ button to accept a suggestion. To ignore a suggestion, agents can keep typing. The suggestions will either evolve or disappear, depending on the availability of recommendations.

How to turn Auto-complete suggestions on/off

Click on ‘Conversation Settings’ from the profile picture dropdown in your inbox. Use the toggle buttons to turn Auto-complete on or off on the ‘Conversation Settings’ page. 

All suggestions are turned on by default. Turning off ‘Auto-complete’ would stop showing autocomplete suggestions in all your chats.

Please note that this is an agent-level setting (available only to agents). It is not an account-level setting. As an admin, if you wish to turn off the feature for all users of your account, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Points to note about Smart Reply

  • Smart Reply features are currently unavailable in the Freshchat widget in Freshdesk
  • Smart Reply features are currently unavailable in the Freshchat mobile app
  • We ensure that only highly relevant suggestions are given, due to which some chat sessions might not show any suggestions
  • Since Smart Reply is an ML-based feature, the quality of suggestions would continually improve as the usage of suggested replies increases