Your trial typically lasts 21-days and gives you the flexibility to test out all the crucial features of individual or multiple products. You are likely to be on one of our higher plans, with the choice to opt for a lower plan as well. Trials are not only the best time to test how the solution solves your business problem, but also to understand the combination of features, bundles and add-ons that you need. 

You can effortlessly switch between trial plans with the following steps: 

1. Access Subscriptions from the switcher, which is the multicolored icon you'd find to the bottom of your left pane. You will be redirected to the My Subscriptions window.

2. Select Manage Trial from the All Subscriptions window.

Underneath the options, you will find all the plans you can try. In addition to the plans within the product, you can also switch between tabs to find the product categories that you can try.

Note -

  •  Not all product verticals have categories within.
  • You can also change currencies and billing frequencies as per your requirements.

3. Once you select the right plan for you, click Switch Trial

4. Confirm the switch when ready.

Note - 

  • Switching to lower plans will delete all your data from features  that are not available in the lower plan. The list of features you lose on downgrading depends on the products that you are using. 
  • We recommend that you carefully examine the plan-feature mapping list before making the switch to a lower plan. 

5. You will see a success message once the switch is done.

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