This inbox page redesign improves the overall visual appearance and usability across the three sections of the inbox page - the conversation listing pane (left), the conversations pane (middle), and the apps pane (right). 

This reskin provides users with a more modern visual and helps us stay updated with UI/UX trends in the market. We’ve improved/brought in:

  • Enhanced visual hierarchy: Improved design elements so that agents can quickly focus on the correct elements

  • Unified product experience: Standardized Inbox experience across Freshchat, Omnichannel, and CRM

Changes in the left pane:

  • Conversation card: You will get much more information from the conversation tile like the status of the customer (online/offline), the status of the conversation (awaiting customer response, pending, etc.), the topic it has been mapped to, assigned agent, associated tags, timestamp, and more without needing to click on it.

  • Multi-select conversations: When you select multiple conversations, the central pane or the conversations pane will remain as is - there will be no preview. The selection of the conversations has been made prominent with a blue background and a blue highlight strip on the left of the selected conversation.

  • Chat views: Chat views and custom view creation will now span the entire pane providing more real estate and improving usability.

  • [Coming soon] Sort: The ‘Priority Team Inbox’ and ‘Team Inbox’ icon has been replaced with a Sort option. You can sort by newest conversation, oldest conversation, longest wait time, SLA breach time, and view the tickets as necessary.

Changes in the central pane:

  • One-click Resolve: You can resolve conversations with just a click by hitting the Resolve button instead of the multi-click process of accessing the dropdown to resolve them (which you can still do).

  • Reply editor: The elements in the reply editor have been rearranged for optimum productivity. 

Changes in the right pane:

  • App widgets: You can now collapse, expand, and rearrange all the app widgets in the Apps pane. By default, all the widgets will be open/expanded.