We've built the self-service widget to make it easier for your customers to help themselves while sharing the necessary information with your chatbot. To start using the self-service widget, finish setting up your bot flows, and navigate to Deploy > Deploy options > Self-service widget > Save.

Click here to learn more about customizing the self-service widget

When you use the self-service widget, you get all of the features from the unified bot builder but might miss out on some Freshchat-specific features. The features that you get include:

  • Dropdowns that offer multiple options for the customer to pick
  • Carousels that offer multiple options with detailed information (such as a description, image, URL, etc. for each option)
  • Rich text inputs to customize your messages with a rich text editor to format your text
  • Quick actions, such as predefined buttons or a widget menu
  • Trigger actions on your customer’s end through client-side actions
  • Custom properties to offer contextual help.

Note:  Some of Freshchat's features built for human conversations are unavailable with this widget meant for self-service.

When you use the self-service widget, you won’t be able to use features like push messages, FAQs, or Topics. If you need these features (which are used to facilitate conversations as opposed to self-service), we suggest you use the Conversations widget - which supports features that are great for conversing with agents, such as FAQs, push messages, and Topics.