Trusted URLs enable you to choose where to load your self-service bot widget from Freshchat. With trusted URLs, you can ensure that your bot can only load on the specific URLs that you trust.

You can specify which domains or URLs on which you want your self-service widget to load. You can also make use of regex expressions to specify URLs within a particular domain.

Note: Trusted URLs work on a bot level, and you can set up different sets of URLs for each bot that you create.

For configuring trusted URLs on a conversation widget, check this article.

  • Navigate to the specific bot > open the Settings tab > toggle on the enable trusted URLs.

  • If you have not enabled it (toggle is off), your bots will load on all pages where the widget script is present.
  • Once you enable (toggle is on), the widget will only load on the URLs that you specify.
  • Enter the domain, subdomain, and the complete URL, or use regex to identify the trusted URL.
  • Use the asterisk .* after a particular domain to make it available on all of its pages.
    • For example, if you use* your bot will load on all pages under, such as,,, etc.
  • Once you have entered one value, you can use the add URL button to add all the trusted URLs you need to set up.

  • Click the Save button once you've entered all your trusted URLs.
  • You can always come back to directly edit the URLs that you have entered. You can delete any URL that you have entered using the delete icon on the right.

Note: Your bots will load on Preview, irrespective of the toggle status.