Milestones in the bot builder let you track and understand how customers are navigating through your bot flows. Milestones offer raw data about how many customers interacted with a specific dialog of your bots. Using this information you can get insights into how your bots are behaving, allowing you to optimize your bot flows to offer better customer service.

You can mark specific dialogs with Milestones on your bot flows to track their analytics. You'll be able to identify where your customers are dropping off in the middle of a bot flow, by noticing that they have not reached the Milestones of certain dialogs. 

  • For example, if you notice that your customers are dropping off when your bots ask for their contact information, then this is something you can modify to optimize your bot flow. With this information, you can identify how to solve this situation. You could collect the emails at the end of the flow so that your customers finish the bot flow, or try collecting a different mode of communication that your customers are ready to share.

With such processes, you can track your customers’ journeys and tweak your bot flows to make them better. Make sure to configure your Milestones on all the right dialogs to track and understand how your customers interact with them.

How to set up Milestones?

  1. Login to Freshchat Bots > Select a bot > Flows.
  2. Click on the Milestones icon right in the dialog.
  3. Give it a name for your reference. 

How to use Milestones?

You can use Milestones to dive deep into how your customers are interacting with your bot flows. This will show up in your Analytics for you to better understand what is working or not working with your bot flows. For example:

Let's say you have a self-service bot flow that clarifies your customers' questions but you also have a transfer to agent flow as a fall-back, but you don't see a noticeable difference in the number of questions your agents seem to be handling. 

With the Milestone feature, you can set up unique Milestones for the self-service flow, and one for the agent flow. You might notice that for every 100 conversations initiated to the support team, only 25 conversations are completed in the self-service bot flow journey, while the remaining conversations are completing the agent flow's Milestones.

This is quantifiable data that you can use to understand that customers are indeed not using the self-service flow, and you will be able to understand where customers are choosing to drop off into the backup flow for an agent.

  • You can find the information from the Milestones in the bot builder in Reports > Bot Performance > Messages In-depth.
  • For example, you can switch from the Viewing to the Editing mode of the Messages In-depth report > Edit the  (the pencil icon) use the Dialog filter to check if the Dialog is "<milestone name>"

Milestones elevate the power of Analytics by letting you track bot conversations on a granular level. You can now track if customers are going through the key dialogs, and understand when and where customers are dropping off in your bot flows.

With Milestones, you can track, analyse, and improve your customer's journey inside the bot flows. You can optimize the bot flow to offer better customer service, and get a better understanding of how effective your bot flows are.