Campaigns or customer journeys in Freshchat are a useful feature that enables you to reach out to your customers and engage with them. Journeys are a visual representation of the process your contacts go through — you can set up multiple filters and checkpoints to ensure only the right segment of your customers experience the specific message. Learn more about customer journeys in Freshchat.

An important aspect of any customer journey is understanding how it performs so you can tune it to better fit your audience and their interests. This can be calculated from the reports and metrics available in Freshchat, out of the box. Here's how you can set it up:

  • Navigate to Customer Journeys from the sidebar > scroll to the journey of your choice > View reports button.

Note: You can only see metrics for the journeys that are Active. 

Here you will see three sections:

  1. Build: This is where you would've built the customer journey.
  2. Track: This is where you can see the count of customers entering and exiting each stage in the journey.
  3. Analytics: This is where you can get the metrics of how the journey is performing:

Default widgets

You can make use of these default widgets in campaign analytics:



The numbers of sent, delivered, clicked, opened and unsubscribed emails with respect to the number of subscribers.

Opens by time

The number of emails opened with respect to date and time stamp.

Opens by segments

Email opened data based on list segments.

Opens by devices

Email opened data based on the user agent data.

Opens by location

Email opened data based on the location. The color density increases with the higher number of opens.

Clicks by segments

The number of clicks based on segments. This widget applies to campaigns that are sent to multiple segments.

Subscribers with the most opens

The subscribers or contacts who have opened the email more than once.

Opens by email clients

Email opens based on clients like Gmail, Yahoo etc.

Top links clicked

The links which have the most number of clicks within the email.

Note: The data shown in the above widgets are unique, excluding the recurring actions by the recipients.

Choose your chart

Each widget can be clicked and viewed in detail with different diagrammatic representations. The chart type can be viewed as a bar chart, pie chart, horizontal bar chart, sheet table, and tabular table by switching through the drop-down. 

Custom reports

You can filter inside widgets to create and view custom reports. For example, if you want to filter the report with event type “click” and group by the URLs, here is how you should configure the filter as:

Once you apply this filter, the report will show you the respective information. You can also choose to export the data too.