Freshchat can display read receipts for each message in the conversation. Read receipts are visible to everyone with access to the conversation. Read receipts are helpful to understand who has context about the conversation. You can also understand if the customer has read the message or is yet to do so. 

Here's where you can check out these two read receipts.

  1. Everyone who has access to a particular conversation can see which members of your team have seen a particular incoming message by an icon of their profile photo placed below every "last read” message."

  2. Everyone with access to the conversation can check if the customer has read their message. Unlike read receipts for internal teams, read receipts for customers shows up in the following types:
    • If you see a gray-colored single checkmark below their sent message, Freshchat has delivered the message to their server/device

    • If you see a blue-colored double-check mark below the same message, the recipient (customer) has read their message