You can convert Freshchat conversations into support tickets on Freshdesk and Freshservice. You can also share FAQs from Freshdesk in your conversations. To do this, you must have integrated Freshchat with Freshdesk or integrated Freshchat with Freshservice

You can learn more about all other native integrations for Freshchat here.

Here's how your agents can create tickets in Freshdesk or Freshservice right from the respective Freshchat conversations:

  • Once you have integrated your accounts, you will see options to Resolve and Create a Ticket in your Team Inbox.

  • When you click on any options that create tickets, a pop-up box with auto-populated ticket fields will appear based on your configuration. 

Note: Do not Auto Resolve will over ride any Auto Resolve settings you have set up. 

To learn more about automatically resolving conversations after a time limit, click here.

Resolving and creating a ticket on
Resolving and creating a ticket on

  • You can create a new ticket or append it to an existing one. Similarly, you can set up other ticker details, such as the subject, ticket status, and agent groups who should handle the conversation.
  • Once you've created the ticket from Freshchat, you can see the details on the sidebar. Agents can select the ticket from the sidebar or in the conversation. They will be redirected to the ticket on Freshdesk or Freshservice.