With Freshchat, you can assign customer conversations to another agent in your group or to a different group or agent as well. This is specifically useful when your teams have specific skills and capabilities, and a different team or agent can help your customers better.

  • Navigate to your Inbox and open the conversation that needs to be reassigned.
  • Select the group or an agent from the drop-down above the conversation.
  • The conversation is assigned to the selected group or agent.

You must create these groups or add the agents before assigning conversations to them. Learn more about adding agents and creating groups

With the Growth plan, you can set up Assignment Rules in Freshchat to automatically assign your incoming conversations to an agent or a group.


Agents also have the capability to allocate conversations to themselves from the Team Inbox. This enhancement grants them the convenient functionality of selecting the 'Assign to me' option for any unassigned conversation within the Team Inbox, streamlining the process of task distribution and management.