Facebook integration assigns chats from the Facebook page to the Freshchat groups mapped during the integration. For this, ensure to enable IntelliAssign for the group to get Facebook auto-assigned in Freshchat.

  1. Log in to your Freshchat account and go to Admin Settings > Chat Settings > Topics. Check if you have assigned the topics to any group. If not, select a topic and assign it to a group.
  2. If you have an assignment rule for Facebook Messenger Topic, check if the relevant Assignment Rule is defined and enabled correctly. You can check this under Admin Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Assignment Rules.
  3. Check if Intelliassign is enabled. Go to Admin Settings > Chat Settings > IntelliAssign for Chat. Check if the relevant group for Facebook is enabled under Group Settings. Learn more about configuring IntelliAssign

If none of this works, contact our support team by writing to support@freshchat.com