Integrating Freshchat with Freshdesk enables you to convert Freshchat conversations into Freshdesk tickets. Learn more about integrating Freshdesk and Freshchat.

 If this integration is failing, here are a few checks that you can perform:

  1. Please check if your accounts (Freshdesk and Freshchat) are active from the billing page in your Admin settings.
  2. Check if your API settings are valid. If not, you will need to reauthorize your APIs in both accounts.
  3. Check if the mandatory ticket fields are populated.
    • For example, you might have a "Customer Name" ticket field in Freshdesk marked as mandatory. Ensure that the equivalent field is present and filled up on Freshchat. 

  4. Check the integration to see if it is still working.
    • For example, the ticket field values may have changed. Click on the sync fields on the integration page to update it.
  5. Check if the required contact fields are correctly mapped for the user under Contact info in Freshchat.
  6. Check if you are trying to append the conversation to an existing ticket. This will cause an error if there are no new messages in the Freshchat conversation after ticket creation. Also, please note that the existing tickets will be shown only if the contact details in Freshchat match with the details in Freshdesk. 

Please reach out to if you cannot get a solution with the steps above.