With Freshchat and Freshservice integration, you can make conversations with your customers using the Freshchat widget within your Freshservice account and convert chat conversations in Freshchat into tickets on Freshservice without switching tabs or windows.

This also means, while your agents are responding to tickets, they can still receive notifications on the chats assigned to them and reply to customers directly on Freshservice.

The Freshchat-Freshservice integration involves the following steps:

  1. Setting up Freshservice in Freshchat 
  2. Setting up Freshchat inside Freshservice

Setting up Freshservice in Freshchat 

  • Login to Freshchat as an Account Owner or Admin.
  • Go to Admin Settings >  Apps > Integrations > Freshservice

  • Add your Freshservice portal URL and your Admin User Token, and click Authorize. Your Admin User Token is your Freshservice API key. You can find it in your Freshservice account under Profile Settings.

  • Once your Freshdesk credentials are authorized successfully, you can proceed with defining rules to convert chats to Freshservice tickets in the next screen.

Now that your Freshchat and Freshserive accounts are integrated, define the rules for converting chats into tickets on Freshservice. 

  1. You can make it mandatory for agents to convert every conversation into a ticket upon resolving it (closing it). Toggle this option to make ticket creation mandatory.

  2. Choose the Freshservice ticket fields that agents must fill while creating the ticket. From the drop-down option, select the mandatory and optional fields from Freshdesk and then choose the corresponding values. You can also leave the Valuefield blank and allow agents to choose.

  3. Select the Show field option to make the fields visible to the agents, and then choose the permissions. You can make the ticket fields Editable, Non-editable, or Editable and mandatory for your agents.

  4. Click Sync Fields for all the changes to take effect, and finally click Save

Note: Esnure that your Freshservice field types are compatible with Freshchat custom properties for converting a chat into a ticket.

Converting Freshchat conversations into Freshservice tickets

  • Once you complete the integration, your agents can start using Freshservice within Freshchat.
  • When an agent answers customer queries on Freshchat, they can close the conversation by resolving them. Resolved conversations move to the Resolved view and can be accessed anytime. 
  • Alternatively, with Freshservice integration, agents can resolve a conversation in Freshchat and instantly convert them into a Freshservice ticket.
  • This will be useful when they cannot address all the customer concerns immediately. Instead of having these conversations open in the queue, agents can convert them into a ticket and follow up later. This also declutters the chat queue and reduces their response time.

  1. On your Team inbox, click on the conversation you want to resolve and convert it to a ticket.
  2. On the top-right corner, click Resolve and Create Ticket in Freshservice.

  3. You can choose to save the conversation as a new ticket or append it to an existing ticket.

  4. If you want to save the conversation as a new ticket, choose the values for the ticket fields and click Resolve and Create Ticket. Based on the Freshdesk integration settings, some ticket fields will be auto-populated (See the steps above). But you can always edit the values if necessary.

  5. To save the conversation to an existing ticket, select Append to existing ticket and choose the ticket.

Setting up Freshchat inside Freshservice

  1. Login to your Freshservice account and go to Admin > Support Channels > Chat.

  2. You can link your existing Freshchat account or create a new account.
  3. To create a new Freshchat account, click Create a Trial Freshchat account.
  4. To integrate your existing Freschat account with Freshservice, click the link to your existing Freschat account.

  5. You can enter your Freshchat Account URL, app ID, and Widget token. To find these details, go to your Freshchat account and navigate to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Web Chat Settings > Integration SettingsThe domain name is your Freshchat account's domain name.
  6. Click Connect.

Now, you can access your Freshchat Team Inbox within your Freshservice account.