If you signed up for Freshchat after April 2, 2023, please refer to this support article on how to connect your Freshchat and Freshdesk accounts.

Integrate Freshdesk with Freshchat to get the combined power of a robust helpdesk system and a modern messenger to improve your customer support.

  • You can access Freshchat inside Freshdesk and eliminate the need to toggle between two different tabs or windows.
  • While your agents are responding to tickets, they can still get notified on the chats assigned to them and reply to customers right from the helpdesk without navigating to a different window.
  • You can also convert conversations in Freshchat into tickets in Freshdesk.

Note: For Freshdesk customers, Freshchat integration is supported only from the Estate plans.

Freshchat-Freshdesk integration is a two-way integration and includes the following steps:

Setting up Freshdesk in Freshchat

  1. Login to Freshchat as an Account Owner or Admin.
  2. Go to Admin Settings >  Apps > Integrations > Freshdesk

  3. Add your Freshdesk portal URL and Admin API key token, and click Authorize.

  4. You can find your API key in your Freshdesk account under your Profile Settings.

Once your Freshdesk credentials are authorized, you can proceed with the following in the next screen:

  1. Add ticket fields to create tickets
  2. Import FAQ articles from Freshdesk into Freshchat 
  3. Set additional preference for chat to ticket conversion

Add ticket fields to create tickets

Choose the ticket fields for converting your chat conversations to support tickets. These fields will be auto-populated when an agent converts a chat into a ticket.

  1. Click on the drop-down option to select the mandatory and optional fields from Freshdesk and choose the corresponding values. You can also leave the Valuefield blank and allow agents to choose.

  2. Select the Show field option to make the fields visible to the agents and choose the permissions you want to assign them. You can make the ticket fields editable, non-editable, or editable and mandatory for your agents.

  3. Click Sync Fields for all the changes to take effect, and finally, click Save.
Note: Ensure that your Freshdesk field types are compatible with Freshchat custom properties for converting a chat into a ticket

Import FAQ articles from Freshdesk into Freshchat 

If you have solution articles in Freshdesk, you can import and reuse them as FAQs in Freshchat. This enables customer self-service and helps them easily find answers to simple queries.

How are the FAQs structured in Freshdesk and Freshchat?

  • The solution articles in Freshdesk are categorized into four levels - Categories, Folders, Subfolders, and Articles.
  • However, in Freshchat, you will only have Categories and Articles.
  • The folders in Freshdesk will be imported as categories in Freshchat.
  • Articles will be retained as same under each category in Freshchat
  • You can import all the published articles in Freshdesk, which are visible to all users and logged-in users into Freshchat. But articles visible only to agents and selected companies in Freshdesk cannot be imported.

To import:

  1. Click Import.

  2. Select the solution articles you want to import. 

  3. If you select the Do not overwrite Category and Title and description option and make any changes to the solution article category title or description in Freshdesk, it will not be auto-updated in Freshchat. If you leave this option unchecked, any changes you make in Freshdesk will be updated in Freshchat. This applies only to the category titles and descriptions and not the article content.

  4. Click Import.

Note: If you make any changes in Freshdesk after importing the solution articles, it will not reflect in Freshchat FAQs. Every time you make a change, you need to import the articles again in Freshchat

Set additional preference for chat to ticket conversion

  • You can set additional preferences for converting chats to tickets. 

  1. Make ticket creation mandatory
    Select this option to make it mandatory for agents to convert all the conversations to tickets once it is resolved. If enabled, agents can resolve the ticket only after they convert them to tickets.

    However, if disabled, agents will have the option to resolve the ticket with or without converting them to the ticket.

  2. Restrict CSAT survey
    Select this option to restrict CSAT surveys for users whose conversations are converted into Freshdesk tickets. You can choose to not show the CSAT survey or show it based on the ticket status.

  3. Finally, click Save.

Setting up Freshchat in Freshdesk

  1. Login to your Freshdesk account and go to Admin > Channels > Chat.
  2. Toggle the Link Freshchat with your Freshdesk option to add Freshchat.
  3. Enter your Freshhat App ID, Widget token, and Domain name. To find these details, go to your Freshchat account and navigate to Admin Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Widget Settings > Integration Settings. The domain name is your Freshchat account's domain name.
  4. To allow your customers to chat when they land on your support portal, toggle the Enable chat in your support portal option.
  5. Click Save.

This completes Freshchat and Freshdesk integration.

Convert Freshchat conversations into Freshdesk tickets

  • Once the integration is complete, you can start using Freshdesk within Freshchat.
  • When you answer customer queries on Freshchat, you can close the conversation by resolving them. Resolved conversations move to the Resolved view and can be accessed anytime. 
  • Alternatively, with Freshdesk integration, you can resolve a conversation and instantly convert them into a Freshdesk ticket and also view them anytime within Freshchat.
  • This will be useful when you cannot address all the customer concerns immediately.
  • For example, a premium customer may ask for a feature request or report a bug fix which takes time. Instead of having these conversations open in the queue, you can convert them into a ticket and follow up later. This also declutters the chat queue and reduces the response time. 
  1. On your Team inbox, click on the conversation you want to resolve and convert it to a ticket.
  2. On the top-right corner, click Resolve and Create Ticket in Freshdesk.

  3. You can save the conversation as a new ticket or append it to an existing ticket.

    • Save as new ticket: Select the values for the ticket fields and click Resolve and Create Ticket. Based on the Freshdesk integration settings, some ticket fields will be auto-populated (See the steps above). But you can always edit the values if necessary.
    • Append to existing ticket: To save the conversation to an existing ticket, select Append to existing ticket and choose the ticket.
  4. You can always view the support tickets associated with a conversation within Freshchat. On the team inbox, click on a conversation and then click on the Freshdesk app from the right pane.

    Here you can view the tickets associated with the conversation. You can click on the Ticket to open it directly on Freshdesk.

Convert chats into Freshdesk tickets on Freshchat mobile app

Once you integrate the Freshdesk and Freshchat, you can also use the Freshchat mobile app (iOS and Android) to convert chats into tickets.

Next steps

  • If you are new to Freshchat, check out the getting started guide for the basics of Freshchat.

  • If you are an agent, check out the agent guide.

  • You can have the same agents in your Freshdesk and Freshchat accounts. But once you set up Freshchat, you have to manually add your Freshdesk agents in Freshchat.

  • If you have multiple websites/portals, you can still use a single Freshchat account for all your websites/portals.

  • To do this, declare a unique siteID for each website while adding the Freshchat code to your website pages. 

  • When users ping you, each conversation/user from the different websites will be treated as a separate conversation/user. However, pages/sites with the same siteID will have common users/conversations. For more details on declaring the siteID, refer to Freshchat developer’s documentation.

Unable to convert chats to tickets

If you are unable to convert a Messaging conversation into a Freshdesk ticket, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The Agent's role is switched from Admin to some other role, and their access is changed from global to group level or is moved from a full-time agent to an occasional agent. 
  2. If there are mandatory fields added for ticket creation.
  3. If the API limits are reached.
  4. If the customer's email ID is invalid (spelling error, email format error, etc).

In such scenarios, follow the onscreen instructions to resolve the issue. If you are still unable to resolve this, please contact us at support@freshchat.com.