Connect your existing Instagram Business accounts with Freshchat and start engaging with your customers. Supported by the Freshworks Neo platform’s Messaging API, this integration will enable you to send and receive Instagram direct messages from within Freshchat. You can respond to story replies, direct messages, and comments, and also deploy bots to support your customers effectively. 


  • An active Instagram Business account with a Facebook page connected to it. 
  • An active paid subscription with Freshchat. 
  • You must be the administrator. 
  • In order to manage messages over the API, you need to enable message control using the steps below.

Enable Message Control Connected Tools Settings

Setting up the integration:

And now you can connect your Instagram Business account with Freshchat in few simple steps!  

  • Go to Admin → Channels → Instagram DM

  • Click on ‘Add Account’

  • You will get redirected to the ‘Log in to Facebook’ page. Sign in to your Instagram Business account

  • You should get directed to an authorization page once you sign in. Click on ‘Continue’ to authorize (Freshchat) Freshworks to access your Instagram DM.

  • On the next screen, you can select the Instagram Business accounts you want to connect to your Freshchat account - you can select up to 50 accounts. (Please note the Instagram Business account must have a Facebook page connected to it) 

  • You may choose which Business Pages (linked to the Instagram Business account) you’d like to connect with your Freshchat account. 

  • Configure permissions to enable the integration. 

  • And, you are all set to now start supporting your customers through Instagram DM from Freshchat!

You can connect up to 50 Instagram Business accounts and choose to remove the account from within your Freshchat instance at any point in time. 

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