Translate Topics

Once you configure your Freshchat account to support multiple languages, you can translate your Topics into these languages. For example, if you have added support for French and Spanish languages, you can translate each Topic into these two languages. 

Now your Topics will be displayed to your users based on their browser locale(language) settings provided it is supported by your Freshchat account, else it’ll be displayed in the default language.

How to translate Topics into multiple languages

  • Go to Admin > Topics > Pick a Topic to translation
  • Click on the language code at the top

Pro-tip: Languages for which the translated Topic content is yet to be added will have be marked with an asterisk, as shown in the above screen.

Note: If you've set the Topics to Public in your primary language, it'll be applicable to all your Topic Translations as well. This rule applies to all your tags as well.

  • You can see a preview of all the translated languages in a specific language by selecting the language from the ‘Preview Topics in’ drop-down