Why do you need a Google Translate Key?

You need a Google Translate API Key to enable Live Translate in your Freshchat account. You can get this from your Google Cloud account. If you don’t have a Google Cloud account, you can create one here

Note: You need a paid account to generate a Google Translate API Key. Google allows only paid usage of their translation services. Learn more here.

How to generate a Google Translate API Key

Step 1: Create a new project in your Google Cloud account

Login to your Google Platform Cloud account. Go to Translation API > Click “+” > Create new project.

Step 2: Activate the Google Translate API

Select the New Project. Go to the ‘hamburger menu’ on the left > select API & Services > Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, enable the Translate API. Click Enable APIs and Services > Search for Translate API > Enable it.

Step 3: Create a new key for the Google Translate API

Go to the Credentials tab in the left menu. Click on the Create credentials drop-down > select API Key.

You can copy this API key and paste it into your Freshchat account Live Translate Setting page.

Step 4: Restrict your API Key usage and limit 

You can restrict the API key you generate to a specific website and control the cost of using Google Cloud Translation services.

Click Restrict Key.

Under Application Restrictions, select ‘None’ and save your settings.

You can define character restrictions. Go to APIs & Services > Dashboard > Cloud Translation API > QuotasYou can modify the character limits here.