The Chatbot Agent Performance Live Dashboard empowers your support teams with valuable insights and metrics to 

all the current activities in Freshchat. 

As a supervisor or admin, you can use the live dashboard to:

  • Get real-time visibility into the ongoing chat activities, monitor critical metrics, and identify issues instantly.
  • Prioritize open and waiting issues and ensure prompt and efficient resolutions.
  • Monitor SLA compliance and take immediate action on SLA breaches.
  • Get insights into agent productivity and monitor their performance and identify areas of additional training.

To access the Chat Dashboard:

  1. Log in to Freshchat and click on the Dashboard icon from the left panel.
  2. Click on the Chat Agent Performance tab.

Widgets available

The different widgets you can see in the dashboard include:

  1. Chat conversation status: Get real-time insights into your chat performance. Monitor the number of open, waiting, and resolved issues. Use this data to address open or waiting chats and ensure faster resolution and improved customer service.
  2. Chat assignment status: Provides an overview of your chat assignment status, breaking down the data into assigned, unassigned, overdue, and assigned but awaiting reply conversations. With this data, you can efficiently manage the chat distribution, reduce response times, and improve support efficiency.
  3. Chat SLA: The widget provides an overview of your SLA compliance trends. Monitor the number of SLA-compliant conversations, Response SLA %, and first response SLA % achieved. Use this data to Identify chats breaching SLA and take immediate actions to ensure timely responses.

Agent Tracker:
In addition to the real-time widgets, the dashboard also provides insights into individual agent performance and helps you evaluate their responsiveness and resolution efficiency. 

The table provides details such as the agent's first response time, resolution time, average CSAT, and the number of conversations assigned and resolved. Utilize this data to reward top-performing agents and identify areas for improvement, leading to a more effective support team.

Notes: Check out the Bot Analytics and Chat Analytics module definition articles to learn about each metric.