Add and manage all your team members on Freshchat from Admin Settings > Users or from Manage Users from the sidebar.

When you are adding an agent, you can choose between a full time agent and an occasional agent. The number of full time agents you can add is limited to the number of licences you've purchased but you can add any number of occasional agents. Learn more about agent types.

Now set up their information and define their role. The role defines the agent's access to Freshchat. Learn more here.

Freshchat comes with four default roles:

  • Agents have the most basic access to Freshchat. They can engage in customer conversations, access the People section, and edit their own profile information.

  • Support managers can access everything that an agent can but also create/edit campaigns and FAQs.

  • Admins have access to everything except for the Billing settings of Freshchat.

  • Account Admin/Owners have access to everything in Freshchat.

If you're on the Pro plan or above, you can also define custom roles with Roles and Permissions.